Staying on Track — Bob Whitaker (7 Mar 2021)

Jesus knows he’s going to leave the disciples soon. How does he prepare them to continue on in the kingdom work without him in this prayer in John 17:1-19? Download audio Stream audio Subscribe to podcast Watch video

Tell Your Story

September 2, 2020 by Bob Whitaker Do you ever feel inadequate when it comes to sharing your faith?  Sometimes certain people, whether friends, family or strangers might have questions about your faith that seem difficult to answer.  Sometimes in an attempt to have the “right answer” we study arguments for the reasonableness of our faith.  […]

Forgiveness Brings Life — Bob Whitaker (30 Sept 2018)

Forgiveness is not easy, especially when the offense is large. However, the alternative is worse – holding a grudge. When we make a deliberate and sometimes painful choice to forgive, there is a weight that is lifted from our hearts. Let’s think about the nature of forgiveness.