Pursuing Christ, Together

Sunday Mornings

Worship: 9:30am (Classic Blend)
11am (Contemporary Blend)
     (11am also Livestreamed)
Children’s Programming: 9:30am & 11am
Youth: 9:30am
Adult Community Groups: 9:30am & 11am

Community Kids

Community Kids

Infant-Preschool Ministry

Contact: Mindy Flick, Director of Early Childhood Programs

Infants (during all Sunday morning services)

We transition ECC’s youngest ones (0-12 months) from your loving arms to ours, introducing the church as a safe place to laugh, cry, and grow.

At this developmental stage (13-23 months), we introduce kids to God’s Story and let them experience it hands-on through a highly interactive curriculum.

2's, 3's, and 4's/Pre-K (during all Sunday morning services)

As kids are introduced to more of the Story God tells through the Bible and each of our individual lives, they are encouraged to explore who He is and what He’s done, and to engage in relationships that show His love. As they grow in their understanding of community, we want to help them treat others the way they want to be treated.

Elementary Ministry

Huddles (9:30am)

Huddles are our 9:30am elementary Sunday school classes that meet during the school year. Dedicated Huddle leaders teach kids the nuts and bolts of navigating God’s story. Kids learn how to navigate the Bible; hide God’s word in their hearts; hear, retell, and respond to Bible stories; apply God’s truth to their lives; and practice praying with each other. It’s a great place for kids to grow in their love for God and others.

Contact: Aimee Tuszynski

Underground (11am)

Underground is a worship service for children at 11:00am in the chapel. Through Worship, Story, and Community we strive to root ourselves in Jesus and grow in Him by connecting to the BIG PICTURE. The BIG PICTURE of Worship means we understand that we tell God how great he is while we move and groove like kids. The BIG PICTURE of Story means we show kids how the stories of Scripture connect to tell one big story in which we all get to participate. The BIG PICTURE of Community means we make connections across the generations to anchor our kids to the church. It’s a great place for kids to establish roots!

Contact: Leah Wooden

Elementary Events (throughout the year)

Events will be held throughout the year to allow kids a chance to connect to the broader Church and grow deeper into a specific aspect of following Jesus. Events give us time outside of Sunday morning to dig deeper into community and fellowship, service, missions and outreach, worship leadership, and story. Growth accelerates during these special times of focus, so don’t let your kids miss out! Contact Leah Wooden for more information.


Contact: Mindy Flick & Leah Wooden (

Camp Preo

Camp Preo is an all-week event for kids age 4 through those entering 2nd grade. This is a summer daycamp that can’t be missed! It’s packed with amazing, memory-sealing stuff and is one of our summer highlights. Explore our camps webpage!

Camp Olivet

Every summer, we offer a camping experience for kids entering grades 3-6 that CANNOT BE MISSED. Uh, seriously, don’t miss it, OK? It’s packed with amazing, memory-sealing stuff and rocks. Hard core. Get the scoop on our camps webpage.

Want to Get Involved and Volunteer?

We are always looking for help, from playing with infants or reading a Bible story to toddlers all the way to teaching a Huddles class or helping put together a worship program in Underground. These programs run because of the volunteers that have a desire to serve. On any given Sunday during the school year, at least 40 volunteers are needed! If you would like to get involved, click or tap the Volunteer button below. Contact Aimee Tuszynski, Mindy Flick, or Leah Wooden with any other questions!