A Partnership with Jesus — Bob Whitaker (6 Oct 2013)

In Mark 6:30-44, Jesus feeds the crowd of 5,000. The root of this story is that Jesus is the Bread of Life, but perhaps it also concerns our calling to partner in ministry with Jesus. Noting the difficulty of the situation, the disciples turn to Jesus for the answer. His response? “You feed them.” They, […]

Reasonable Doubt — Dan Waugh (29 Sept 2013)

It wasn’t John the Baptist’s finest hour. He had bravely called Herod into account for his immorality and was languishing in prison. In his cell he begins to doubt. This man who had pointed his finger to Jesus and said, “There he is; he’s the one,” now sends messengers to Jesus to ask, “Are you […]

Connexion: Grace for Him? – Josiah Leuenberger (29 Sept 2013)

Josiah helps us think through a how undeserved grace. Jesus heals a paralytic by the pool at Bethesda, but unlike most healings, the man showed little or no faith, and little or no gratitude. What lessons can we learn about Jesus and about his grace from this story?

Connexion: Jesus Meets a Zombie – Dan Waugh (22 Sept 2013)

What do zombies have to do with the Bible? Well, the Bible tells us that there are people who are alive but dead – alive physically but devoid of life spiritually. Jesus says that unless people are born again from above, from the Spirit, they won’t see or enter the kingdom of God. Dan explores […]

Freedom Fighter–Dan Waugh (15 Sept 2013)

Jesus stood up in the synagogue and declared he was the one who was anointed to proclaim good news to the poor and freedom to the oppressed (Luke 4:16-30). How will he back up this claim? Teaching. And casting out demons. That’s how. This is a story that shapes our understanding of the world and […]

Does God Really Understand Me?–Bob Whitaker (8 Sept 2013)

Have you ever asked yourself, “Are other people struggling with the same things that I am facing? Does anyone (including God) understand the difficulties that I encounter on a daily basis? Since he is God and I am a sinful human being, how could he truly understand?” These are questions that are answered in the […]

Connexion: Come and See – Josiah Leuenberger (8 Sept 2013)

Director of University Ministries Josiah Leuenberger helps us think through what it means to respond to Jesus’ call to follow him on the journey of discipleship as well as what it looks like for us to invite others to ‘come and see’ for themselves who Jesus is.

God’s Kingdom–Now or Later — Bob Whitaker (1 Sept 2013)

What did Jesus mean when he said, “The kingdom of God is among you”? When you look around at our world does it seem to you that the kingdom of God is really present among us? Is God’s kingdom actually here, right now, or is it coming in the future? The answer to that question is […]