Praise Be to the Lord — Dr. David Mensah (28 Apr 2019)

This morning we heard from David Mensah, who directs the ministry of GRID-NEA in northern Ghana. The Israelites gathered around Ezra as the Law was read and worshiped the Lord for his goodness. God has given us who gather today in his Name much reason to follow their example. Follow along with a transcription of […]

Triumphal Condescension — Dan Waugh (14 Apr 2019)

This Sunday we begin Holy Week and our journey to Jerusalem and ultimately the cross. The road into Jerusalem is lined with an adoring crowd, paved with palm branches, and teaches us weighty truths about the Jesus we love and serve. Reading: Mark 11:1-11 Download Stream Subscribe to podcast

King of Kings — Bob Whitaker (7 Apr 2019)

We live in a democracy where images of monarchy do not always bring to mind positive memories, mostly because of bad kings. But suppose the king was perfect… Reading: Revelation 19:4-16 Download Stream Subscribe to podcast

A Great High Priest — Bob Whitaker (31 Mar 2019)

Christ came to fulfill the law of the prophets. Arguably his most significant role was to be the priest of a new covenant. His sacrifice is final and the covenant is eternal. Reading: Hebrews 10:1-14 Download Stream Subscribe to podcast

A Prophet Like No Other — Bob Whitaker (24 Mar 2019)

Old Testament prophets spoke the word of the Lord. When Jesus came he stepped into the prophetic tradition, but he did more than speak the word of the Lord–he was the word of the Lord. Download Stream Subscribe to podcast

Cultivate Self-Control — Dan Waugh (17 Mar 2019)

This week we bring our series Cultivate to a close, considering the fruit of self-control. Self-control isn’t a flashy virtue; it seems common and almost mundane. But, allowing the Spirit to teach us self-control may be one of the most important things we can do to protect our own well being and the well being […]

Cultivate Faithfulness — Bob Whitaker (3 Mar 2019)

There are few characteristics that are more often referred to in a description of God than the word “faithfulness.” As a result, it is predictable that such a characteristic ought to mark the lives of Christ-followers. Why is it important, and how are we doing? Reading: Matthew 25:14-23. Download Stream Subscribe to podcast