Pursuing Christ, Together

Sunday Mornings

9:15am: Children’s, youth, & adult programs
10:30am: Worship & children’s programs (birth-5th grade)*

*On the 1st Sunday of each month, K-5th grade kids
join the adults in the Sanctuary for Family Worship.

No One Saw This Coming: Grace — Josiah Leuenberger (11 Sept 2016)

Josiah will continues our Too Much & Not Enough series with a message from Romans 3:21-30. Join us as we unfold the ultimate surprise of human existence – God’s provision of grace for sinners who look to Christ in faith – and consider it’s impact on our lives and future.

No One Has Enough of This: Righteousness — Bob Whitaker (4 Sept 2016)

From Romans 3:9-20. Paul’s statement, “None of us is righteous, not even one” is clear and could be depressing apart from the good news: the only human being who was sinless, Jesus Christ, has become the righteousness of God for us. Through Jesus Christ we have been declared righteous by God himself. Let’s remember this […]

We All Have Too Much of This: Sin — Bob Whitaker (28 Aug 2016)

The context and continued relevance of Paul’s words on homosexuality are a topic of much debate. This subject is not all that Paul is talking about here, however. In this message, Pastor Bob addresses homosexuality and helps us look at Paul’s broader message.

We All Have Enough of This: Knowledge — Bob Whitaker (21 Aug 2016)

We seem to be born with it–the notion of God’s existence. Perhaps this is why the Bible assumes or declares the existence of God rather than spilling ink to prove it, then continues to teach us how to respond to that reality. Certainly we could all use more knowledge of God but as for knowledge […]