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Sunday Mornings

9:15am: Children’s, youth, & adult programs
10:30am: Worship & children’s programs (birth-5th grade)*

*On the 1st Sunday of each month, K-5th grade kids
join the adults in the Sanctuary for Family Worship.

Reflecting God’s Image — Bob Whitaker (15 Oct 2023)

Today we opened a 3-part miniseries on “Identity” with a question: In our quest for self-understanding, are we asking the right question from the wrong starting point? Reading: Genesis 1:26-31 Download audio Stream audio Subscribe to podcast Watch video

Youth Sunday (22 May 2022)

Our middle school and high school students led us in worship today. Ken Edge, one of our middle school directors, spoke from Genesis 1:1-2 to help us meditate on the character of God. Download audio Stream audio Subscribe to podcast Watch video

Abraham’s Faith (5)

Stage Five (Gen. 22)by Bob Whitaker We are considering another stage of faith that developed in the life of Abraham – Genesis 22. This part of the story might not the final stage of faith in Abraham’s journey, but it was certainly the most epic.  We might describe this step of faith with these words: […]

Abraham’s Faith (4)

Stage Four (Genesis 18)by Bob Whitaker Once again, I invite you to explore Abraham’s faith with me today.  I’m calling this stage, “Trust me when it seems foolish.”  An intriguing story develops in Genesis 18.   It had been a long time since God originally promised Abraham and Sarah that they would have a son. They […]

Abraham’s Faith (3)

Stage Three (Gen. 15-17)by Bob Whitaker We have been thinking about the stages in the journey of Abraham’s faith.  This stage I am calling, “trust me in the silences.”  As you may recall, Sarah and Abraham had been promised a son to carry on their name, one who would make them a great nation and […]

Abraham’s Faith (2)

Stage Two (Gen. 12:1-9)By Bob Whitaker Today we look at stage two of Abraham’s faith. Abraham has traveled to the new land and God now challenges him, “Trust me when you are most vulnerable.”  After arriving in Canaan, the land faced a disastrous famine.   To the south of Canaan was the land of Egypt, back […]

Abraham’s Faith (1)

Stage One (Gen. 12:1-9)By Bob Whitaker For the next few devotional segments, I want to explore the nature of faith by looking at the life of Abraham.  In order to do this, I would like to consider the stages of faith that God brought him through during his long life.  The first stage of faith […]

Image Bearers — Dan Waugh (1 Jul 2018)

In this message, we contemplate what it means to be “Image Bearers,” reading from Genesis 1:1-2:3. So much in our world is dehumanizing and attempts to strip us of our unique dignity and worth. We need to understand and affirm that all men and women are created in and continue to bear the indelible image […]