The Good News as Redemption — Bob Whitaker (2 Aug 2015)

The good news about Jesus Christ is massive. Not only is it for everyone, it is about everything. As Christ followers, it is our responsibility to discover how to apply the good news to all of life. For the next three Sundays, we are going consider the expansive nature of the good news concerning Jesus […]

I Will Redeem–Pastor Whitaker (11 Aug 2013)

The theme of redemption is not only central to the life of God’s people in the Old Testament, it continues like a scarlet thread of truth throughout the New Testament. The final and continuous theme of the Bible is that the ultimate redemption is accomplished through the work of Jesus Christ. When the theme of […]

Now What?–Dan Waugh (21 July 2013)

The fall of Jerusalem and Israel is a pivotal story in redemptive history. Israel and Judah’s sin reaches the tipping point and God sends his people into exile. How does this speak to God’s faithfulness to his promises and ultimately point us to Christ?