Pursuing Christ, Together

Sunday Mornings

Worship: 9:30am (Classic Blend)
11am (Contemporary Blend)
     (11am also Livestreamed)
Children’s Programming: 9:30am & 11am
Youth: 9:30am
Adult Community Groups: 9:30am & 11am

Cynthia Huggins

Business Manager

Cynthia has been on staff at ECC since 2009.  She was delighted to discover that her passion for detail and minutia, lovingly tolerated by her husband, is actually a useful trait and helpful to keeping the Christ Community checkbook in order.  She is partial to sugared-up lattes, chocolate, and the occasional Orangina, especially when enjoyed with a good, thick volume of historical fiction.  She delights in spending time with her husband and two grown children as long as it does not involve any sort of long distance running, preferring to engage her beleaguered family with endless recitations of irrelevant but obviously fascinating trivia.

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